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Issue One

The Producers issue tackles the beginning of the food chain. Emma-Kate Rose and Robert Pekin ask the question, ‘Why do farmers eat shit?’. Greg Clarke of Great Ocean Ducks explains the price of ducks and how he came to be called GOD. In the King Valley, Prosecco rules, and its champions, the Dal Zotto family, invite us into their home. Meanwhile Clare Burder of Eminence Wines explains the challenges of creating a Champagne-style sparkling on the plateau above the Prosecco Road. We re-visit Josh Russel of Cup Coffee on his return from a buying trip to Guatemala and El Salvador, and Sam Pendergast of Fair Ferments explains how good things can still be made when big business abandons our regional growers.

136 page 4+1 colour offset, 200 x 275mm document.

Issue Zero

For our pilot issue, Richard Webb of Swampdog and Betterfish explains what irks him about the Australian seafood Industry. Luke Burgess of Garagiste invited us to a day at his Tasmanian restaurant and explained just how important wine is to his life in food. We sat through a rant by Cup Coffee proprietor, Josh Russell regarding the importance of arrogance, while our own editor-in-chief offers a taste of how much can be learnt when travelling through food saturated Gascony.

More from—Terry Hart, Jack Stone, Ben G Morgan, Carla McCrae, Erik van Gendereen, Guillaume Bersweiler, Alexander Lotersztain  Mikel, Jean Maristela-Gust, Felicita Sala, Ken Smith & Craighton Berman.

96 page 5 colour offset, 200 x 275mm document.

Scrag End Two Ways

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In the making of Scrag End, there is much which does not find its way into the journal. Some would call it fat, but we here at Scrag End are pretty big fans of that. Many things get filmed, some get written about and much more gets photographed. What we can't fit into the print edition, finds its way here.

Meeting Meat

Sascha and Björn visited some good friends of the journal at the Jonai Farm. Playing pig-whisperer our journals editor plays with some piglets, shortly before taking an older brother home to be turned into ham. This film was shown at our Melbourne launch party on November 17th 2013. As were the hams.

Tammi, Stuart and the children of the Jonai family are champions of ethical pork production in regional Victoria, Australia.

A story to be continued in Scrag End: Issue One — The Producers.


In a small gastronomic outcrop at the southern most point of Australia, in one particularly unassuming and sleepy town, exists behind one particularly large door, in one particularly unique place, Garagistes. Simmering below the surface of this one time penal playground city (circa 1804) is what some have hailed as an up and coming culinary revolution.

This is a story about local fish from afar, suppliers that do not supply, and lines out the door.

Story appears in Issue Zero

Hawker Experience

In the early days of Scrag End, Bjorn and I found ourselves in Singapore, the hawker epicentre of Asia. This short film was shot at the tail end of Bjorn's other commitments with Quench for Singapore InDesign. We drank, ate, but most of all just sweated our way through the bars, hawker centres and back streets of of this truly special city.

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The Brothers

Scrag End is the brainchild of two brothers, one a chef, and the other a designer.

Sascha Rust
Co-founder and editor-in-chief of Scrag End. Grew up in, and continues to tend to the needs of the professional kitchen. Studied some business management, forays into the realm of photography—appears to consider himself a kind of modern day jack-of-all-trades.

Björn Rust
Co-founder and creative director of Scrag End. When he's not designing, he's eating, when hes not eating, he's sleeping.




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